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David M. Star

President & CEO
David founded Pier 21 Asset Management in 2005. He has held progressively senior roles in Canada’s investment management industry. Prior to founding Pier 21, he held positions of First Vice President, Associate Chief Investment Officer and Head of Products and Marketing for a large institutional investment manager. He has 25 years of executive experience in the Canadian financial marketplace, including 19 years of investment manager selection and monitoring.
Éric Bossé

Eric Bosse

Senior Vice President, CFA
Eric joined Pier 21 in 2016 as a Senior Vice President, and oversees client servicing. For 17 years, Eric worked within multiple teams responsible for delivering asset management services to a broad range of retail and institutional clients. Previously, Eric was President and COO for a mutual fund dealer of a large financial institution based in Quebec.

Brent Muir

Senior Vice President, B. Eng., LL.L.
Brent joined Pier 21 in 2014 as a Senior Vice President, and oversees corporate and pooled fund compliance. Brent spent 25 years in private practice as a business lawyer, representing financial, corporate and institutional clients in the area of derivatives and possesses recognized experience in the field of real estate valuation. His experience also includes acting as an adviser to the treasury arm of one of Canada’s leading financial institution.